Testimonials from our Guest:

Nice staff, safety courtyard, easy to use room. It was very comfortable for us. Thank you so much!
Aya M.
So good! Thanks!
Hermogina Apartment is one of the best in Dumaguete City. Clean, safety, and the staff are friendly.
Sheen L.
Awesome; coming back; leaving for traveling adventure.
Jonathan B.
Service and security was excellent.
Gary K.
Nice apartment, Nice staff.
Bianca S.
Clean, convinient place, nice people. also good price.
Yuki A.
Thank you for a good service. God bless.
Peter Martin T.
Enjoyed my stay here. I hope to come back to stay here again in 1 or 2 months after leaving. Thanks.
Tommy H.
Thank you for being kind and generous.
Lee Sung Su
Nice Place!
Madel B.
Very nice staff and good service! Beautiful and clean apartments. Thank you!
Katrina S.
We like it. We will probably stay here again when we get back to the Philippines.
Sheena Mae T.
Great stay, thanks
Steven John S.
Always friendly and fast service. Beautyful appartments. A second air-conditioning for Room 1 would be nice.
Christoph W.
Thank you for your assistance and constant attention to the needs of the house whilst we, the tenants have been in residence for the past few months. I’ve been very impressed and grateful for the kind of service that you and your staff provided us during our stay. Thank you and all the best in the future.
Gilbert C.
Lovely place to live in. Would love to come back here someday!!! Will definitely miss this place.
Akshay G.
Has been for me a pleasant stay in hermogina. I never had any problems and the staff has always been friendly and cooperative.
Cristiano P.
Very nice apartment and wonderful staff. We enjoyed our stay here. Thanks!
Gregory M.